Preventative Care

Preventative Medicine is an important part of the care provided by your family physician.  It can greatly improve you quality of life and/ or longevity.  Preventative care consists of various elements including screening tests, immunizations, exams and counseling.  

We recommend that all individuals have a preventative medicine exam at least every two years until age 40 and annually thereafter.  These visits will include a complete medical history and exam, screening for various conditions such as cancer and diabetes, immunization and preventative counseling.  As part of this exam we will perform a complete evaluation of your health status, however, the focus of these visits is prevention and not treatment of the individual problems. 

As part of a preventative visit your physician will often perform screening tests.  For many medical conditions the outcome will be much improved if the condition is found early.  Screening tests are designed to detect a disease at an early stage before the disease would cause any symptoms and would otherwise be known.