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Adolescent Medicine Care

Much change happens as children transition to adulthood. As your family medicine provider, Mayflower Medical Group is committed to helping your children maintain good health and understand the changes their bodies are experiencing during this significant life stage.


Our goal is to work with you to positively influence your child’s lifestyle and behavioral choices to help promote decisions that will positively affect their health now and in the future. Adolescence can be a difficult time.


We offer health education, medical support, and resources in a confidential environment where young patients and their parents can feel free to ask questions and voice their concerns.


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Adolescent Health Issues 


Adolescents and young adults in the United States face various physical and mental health issues, including the following: 


  • Unintentional injuries 
  • Interpersonal violence 
  • Mental health problems 
  • Alcohol and drug use 
  • Tobacco use 
  • Infectious diseases 
  • Early pregnancy and childbirth 
  • Nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies 
  • Undernutrition and obesity 


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Who We Treat in Our Adolescent Medicine Program 


Our young adult clinic treats a wide range of patients, including: 


  • Young women with menstrual problems 
  • Teens having trouble at school 
  • Adolescents having weight concerns 
  • Young adults experiencing anxiety 
  • Adolescents who are withdrawing socially due to depression 
  • Teens and young adults experiencing health problems 


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General Adolescent Medicine Services We Provide 


Our medical services for our adolescent patients include, but are not limited to: 


  • General physical health care & nutrition: physicals; immunizations; examinations; treatment of diseases and injuries including flu, bronchitis, and upper respiratory infections; assessing and treating eating disorders and nutritional concerns; allergies and asthma management; skin conditions and infections. 
  • Mental health care & substance abuse: stress management, substance use education, consultation, psychiatric and social work services. 
  • Sexual health care: pubertal development, sexual health education, contraception, menstrual health, and HPV test. 
  • ADD/ ADHD: mental and emotional well-being, difficulty in focusing, understanding, learning, and assessing the need for medication.


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Why Choose an Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Specialist 


Adolescent and young adult medicine is a branch of internal medicine that cares for patients aged 10 to 25. During this age, the patient experiences changes in their physical and mental health, such as puberty, relationships, evolving cognitive abilities, and growing independence. 


Young adult medicine physicians are trained in these developmental needs. They understand the challenges teenagers and young adults experience and can manage the complex problems of adolescents and young adults. 


Our trained specialists also help prevent and treat medical and emotional issues in this age group while focusing on sensitive and open communication. 


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Why We Focus on Young Adult Health Care


In many aspects, young adults have a worse health profile compared to adults. Teens and young adults in the United States have the highest rate of death and injury resulting from accidents, substance abuse, mental health issues, and STIs. 


In many parts of California, there are few to no tailored activities or public health programs aimed at young adults. At Mayflower Medical, our specialists target teens and young people by educating them on issues and using preventive strategies to mitigate adverse outcomes prevalent in this age group. 


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Privacy Protection for Adolescents and Young Adults


State laws protect the confidentiality of adolescents and young adults to help encourage them to seek the care they need. Our adolescent medicine confidential services include: 


  • Pediatric and adolescent obstetrics and gynecology: provides expert care to children and adolescents with ob-gyn-related needs, including pregnancy. 
  • HIV prevention and treatment services: educate and treat young people up to 26 years of age. 
  • Substance-abuse and mental health counseling. 


Our adolescent medicine specialists provide confidential consultation and encourage teens to interact with their parents about the problems they are facing. 


The decision to inform their parents is their own unless the health issues pose a serious danger. 


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What to Expect from Our Adolescent Medicine Specialists

Adolescents and young adults have various healthcare needs that may require primary health care from a pediatrician or a family medicine physician specializing in adult and teen health care. 


At Mayflower Group, we have a team of social workers and medical professionals, including general physicians, mental health specialists, and dieticians, working to coordinate teen and adolescent care. 


Our specialists have extensive training in confidential care and innovative approaches to make your child feel comfortable with the care they are receiving. 


Your child will receive a one-on-one consultation with a specialist, ensuring the care is confidential and according to state law. 


Our specialists also work with adolescent patients, helping them learn ways to foster conversations with their parents about critical issues, including mental and reproductive health. 


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About Mayflower Medical Group


At Mayflower Medical Group, we provide a quality adolescent medicine program that offers a full range of primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare, including diagnosis, treatment, and counseling of teenagers and adolescents, ensuring their well-being. 


We are committed to providing our patients with the treatment and care they deserve. 


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