Preventative Care

Is it time for your annual checkup? 


A yearly health checkup can help you get a better picture of your overall health. This is one reason why preventive care is essential.


Making an appointment with your doctor for preventative care services is crucial, even if you don't feel ill. The truth is that some diseases don't present noticeable symptoms until they are in a progressive state. 


Your doctor can assess your current health status and look for early indications of more serious, costly issues through preventative exams and routine health screenings.


At Mayflower Medical Group, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients, and an important part of our care philosophy is preventative care. Preventative care can greatly improve longevity and quality of life and reduce long-term health costs.


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Our Preventive Care Services

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of preventive care services to help our patients determine whether they are at risk for any diseases or illnesses.


Through screening tests, immunizations, exams, and counseling, we work with our patients to prevent illnesses, reduce risk factors and detect health problems in the earliest stages.


Moreover, we recommend that our patients have a preventative medical exam at least every two years until age 40 and annually thereafter. These visits include a complete medical history and exam, screening for various conditions such as cancer and diabetes, immunization, and preventative counseling.


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Age-appropriate Preventive Health Services

At Mayflower, we understand the unique medical challenges that each age group faces. Our talented team of doctors is equipped to provide diagnostic care to just about any age group, including the elderly, teenagers, and infants.


Moreover, our preventive care physicians will guide you through the actions you can take to ensure a healthy lifestyle. 


We place a strong emphasis on patient education as part of our preventive care services to help our patients understand risk factors and what they can do to reduce their chances of falling prey to certain health conditions and illnesses.


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Benefits of Regular Preventive Care

  • As part of your health insurance, you can get most preventive care for free (please refer to this list to see if your health coverage is eligible)
  • Your doctor can provide proactive care and treatment by detecting medical conditions, illnesses, or diseases early.
  • Routine care can help keep you focused on your health goals


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About Mayflower Medical Group

Patients of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds can receive primary care at Mayflower Medical Group. You can rely on our knowledgeable preventive care staff to provide you with all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Our preventive care services, which we take great delight in providing, include screening, diagnosis, patient education, disease prevention, follow-up care, counseling, and a number of treatment methods to help you maintain good health.


The priority we place on preventative care is part of our commitment to you and your long-term health and wellness.


Contact us today to book your next preventive care visit and learn more about your current health status!

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What Else Can You Expect from Our Team?

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  • Geriatric Care
  • Flu Prevention
  • Office Procedures & Surgery
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Stay Healthy With Regular Preventive Health Services 

Preventive care is essential for your overall health and well-being, and helps to identify problems sooner.


Not sure if your health insurance company covers your preventive health care costs? Check out our list of eligible health plans here.


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