Cardiovascular Care

Maintaining good cardiovascular health is critical for longevity and quality of life. There are more than 60 different conditions that can affect the heart and blood vessels.


At Mayflower Medical Group, our physicians tailor cardiovascular treatment to each patient’s situation and needs. For some patients, that means lifestyle changes. For others it may mean medication, surgery or rehabilitation, or any combination of these methods.

We also place a priority on prevention, providing resources, education and counseling to help decrease our patients’ risk factors and chances of developing cardiovascular disease.


A prevention plan might include a comprehensive cardiac evaluation and risk factor assessment where personal factors that increase the chance of developing heart disease are identified, a cardiac exam with EKG is performed, with the result being an estimation of the patient’s heart disease risk over the next 10 years.


If you’ve been diagnosed with a cardiovascular condition or are concerned about your risk for developing cardiovascular disease we can help get you on a path to better health.

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