physician extender

Physician Extender

Many healthcare systems struggle with rising costs that shift to the patients treated. That's why Mayweather Medical Group has physician extenders available.


A physician extender is a catch-all term used to describe providers who help with delivering quality and compassionate patient care in place of or in addition to a medical doctor in a health care system.

Meet Our Physician Extender Team

Check out our top physician extenders. These people focus on health promotion, patient satisfaction, and more!

Eugene Santos, NP-C

Location: Family Care in West Covina

Eugene Santos, NP-C is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Eugene Santos has been practicing for 6 years in all facets of Family medicine, including health and wellness, and graduated from California State University of Fullerton with his Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, and Master’s of Science in Nursing from California Baptist University.
Eugene continues to provide compassionate care to his patients, listening to each of his patient’s needs.

Johnny Jiang, PA-C

Location: Family Care in West Covina

Johnny Jiang is a certified Physician Assistant, having graduated from Rutgers University Masters Program. His prior professional experience includes Family Medicine and Urgent Care. “One of my most rewarding experience as a PA was deploying to New York City during the peak of the COVID19 pandemic. Currently, I am trying to become more fluent in Spanish to better serve all my patients. In my spare time, I enjoy rock climbing and traveling. My last trip was 25 days in Costa Rica for a turtle conservation project.”

Maria Sanchez, PA-C

Location: Pediatric Care in West Covina

Maria Sanchez, PA-C- is a certified Physician Assistant, and has been practicing over a year. She graduated from Western University of Health Sciences with a Master’s in Physician Assistant studies.

Charlotte Capulong, N.P.

Location: Covina

Charlotte Capulong, MSN, FNP is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She has more than 17 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, delivering quality and compassionate care in hospital and clinical environments. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Our Lady of Fatima University in the Philippines. She obtained her Master of Science in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner Program from Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys providing patient care and ensures the best care each and every time.

Lara Clark, PA

Location: ExpressCare in West Covina

Lara Clark is a Physician Assistant who has been serving the San Gabriel Community since 2002. Lara earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences at California State University, Dominguez Hills. She received her PA education from Western University of Health Sciences. Lara’s interests are in pediatrics and urgent care, providing the best care each and every time. She enjoys helping others and has a passion for delivering individualized care to each and every patient.

Lawrence Pangilinan

Location: ExpressCare in Covina

Lawrence Pangilinan is a Physician Assistant who has been in practice within all facets of Pediatric medicine including health, wellness and surgical technology. Lawrence has a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from Touro University Nevada in Henderson Nevada; with a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of California in Irvine. In addition to English he is fluent in the written and spoken German language.

About Mayflower Medical Group

The Mayflower Medical Group has been serving Southern California for over 20 years. We have a reliable team of primary care providers, including family medicine doctors, internists, geriatric care doctors, and other specialists. Our physician extenders are also available to help in providing acute care and emergency care.


Our network was created to provide quality primary care to the people of Anaheim, Covina, Duarte, West Covina, La Puente, El Monte, and Rialto.


We offer:


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More About Our Physician Extenders

Mayflower Medical Group employs physician extenders and non-physician providers to help with athletic training, better patient outcomes, and more. 


Usually, a physician extender has a Bachelor's degree or Master's in nursing, but they also need a license to practice in their state and practical experience in the field. These people are great at providing acute care and emergency care as needed.


Types of physician extenders include:

Nurse Practitioners

Emergency nurse practitioners or regular ones offer high-level care and have more independence and authority than other nurses, including RNs. Sometimes, advanced nurse practitioners treat and diagnose patients personally or might work with a doctor in our hospital. They are still advanced practice providers who help patients and focus on their needs.

Physician Assistant

Another type of physician extender includes the physician assistant. They're licensed to practice under the supervision of a hospital or private practice physician and can diagnose/treat patients.


Typically, they're used as emergency physicians when the primary care doctor isn't available at the clinical practice. 

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It's crucial to understand that your health care is important to us. We've been around for many years because we care about you. Our list of physician assistants and emergency nurse practitioner services makes it easy to find someone to help when you're feeling ill.


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